Men's Grooming Tips & Tricks

I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning– usually about 20 minutes, but I do care about how I look. That means my morning routine consists of a shower, a shave, styling my hair and dressing myself. The more thought I can put into preparing to get ready, the easier it is …and the better I look!

Stereotypically, men’s grooming and self-care has been reduced to the bare necessities – showering, shaving and maintenance haircuts. However, as the self-care and beauty industry continue to grow and expand their reach, grooming and self-care have become industries that truly offer something for everyone.

As men begin to enter into the world of self-care, the variety of options can quickly become overwhelming. Lucky for you, we have some tips and tricks to get you started with the products you need to create a routine that is simple, effective, and customized to your lifestyle.


The most important thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a good haircut… and we’re not talking a $15 haircut from Cut’s R’ Us. Fight your urge to cut corners in this department and visit a salon or barbershop that will work with your face shape, your hair texture and will create a look that makes you feel handsome and put together.

Take time to communicate with your stylist about the realistic level of maintenance and styling you are willing to do on a daily basis. They will not only cater your haircut to these needs, but they can also recommend the best products for your hair as well as the optimal amount of time to go between maintenance cuts.

Pro Tip: Bring in a picture to show your stylist the hairstyle you would like to achieve. Also be honest about the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to your morning grooming routine. Your stylist will be sure to recommend products that are realistic for your budget and time restrictions.


Skincare is perhaps one of the most overwhelming (but important) parts of grooming and self-care. A good way to think about it is — skin is your foundation upon which everything is being built. The easiest way to begin determining the skincare products for you is to determine your skin type — oily, combination, or dry skin. Stay with me now, this is simpler than you think.

As you go about your day, do you notice your skin gets a little shiny? Does it feel dry when it’s cold out or do you have a combination of the two — oily on your forehead but dry patches on your cheeks. Once you determine your skin type, you can begin searching for products to balance out your skin problems.

The easiest and most foolproof way to get some skin help is to visit a spa. Now, I know what you’re thinking “A spa day?!” Not for me.” But hear me out, not only will you leave that spa feeling like a million dollars, but all technicians are trained in the intricacies of skin and are familiar with a wide variety of products at a wide range of price points. Your technician will take into consideration your budget, time restrictions, and willingness to try new things before sending you on your way with new products. They are also likely to recommend multipurpose products that can be used in more than one area of your body or for more than one purpose. Now that’s efficiency.

Pro Tip: Book a facial at your local salon and ask the technician to tell you what he or she is doing as they do it. They are often more than willing to share their wealth of knowledge and the more you know, the easier it is to pick out products that are ideal for your skin type. Plus, they might just share some industry secrets with you that makes your grooming regimen that much easier.


Perhaps the most rapidly expanding genre of men’s grooming is facial hair products and services. Now, more than ever, there are businesses entirely dedicated to that beard you worked so hard to grow, as well as a wide range of products to keep the hair smooth, tamed, and smelling amazing. Facial hair is significantly courser than the hair on your head. And due to its close proximity to your mouth, beards also tend to get dirtier faster. Show a little love to your facial hair by starting with the basics – high quality shaving products. Make sure to always use a sharp razor, shaving cream or gel (get out of here with that bar of soap), and a moisturizer to put on your freshly shaven face.

Pro Tip: Did you know you should replace your razor every 6 to 8 shaves? Not replacing your razor can cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs or just make it difficult to get a close shave. Lucky for us, there are many subscription services like Harry’s Razors that will send you razor refills on a regular basis – that way you don’t have to keep track!