Four Things to Avoid Using on Your Face

With more information comes more mis-information and we are here to correct some common mistakes that people make when it comes to choosing ingredients and products for their face. While we love the trendy return to more natural products, some ingredients are best kept away from your sensitive facial skin. We collaborated with our estheticians to bring you this list of four things you should not use on your face.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar treatments have been trending recently – ranging from hair masks, to facial toner, and as a widely-supported dietary supplement. However, estheticians discourage clients from using this acid as it can be harsh on delicate facial skin. In fact, there have been reports of people chemically burning their skin when applying apple cider vinegar as an at-home treatment.

2. St. Ive’s Scrubs

There are many that swear by this store-bought exfoliant, however it’s ingredients are far too harsh to use on most skin types. St. Ive’s active exfoliating ingredient is walnut shells. This ingredient can cause small tears in the skin’s surface, which can result in more acne, inflammation and irritation. Estheticians recommend using a gentler exfoliant on your face and investing in regular facials to leave the more aggressive exfoliation to the pros.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has continued to rise in popularity over the past five years. Lotion substitutes, hair masks, and beauty hacks have flooded the market. However, recently studies have shown that coconut oil is a level 5 comedogenic oil, which means it clogs the pores and while it smells delicious, it has no place on the hair or skin. In small doses, coconut oil makes a great addition to other products, but by itself will clog your pores and cause buildup.

4. Olive Oil

While we fully support the return to all things natural, some ingredients are better left in your kitchen. While olive oil is only a level 2 comedogenic oil, much like coconut oil, it does not belong on your skin. Many would argue that olive oil has been used as a moisturizer since the dawn of time, which is true. However, the olive oil sold in most grocery stores is not high quality enough to be used on skin.

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