Five Common Hair Myths - BUSTED!

1. Coconut oil is good for your hair.

No. Listen, we love coconut oil as much as the next person, but it’s time we face the music when it comes to the specific uses for it. Coconut oil is a Level 4 comedogenic oil which means, contrary to popular belief, it clogs your pores! If you are looking to add more moisture to your hair (or your skin) look for products that are hydrating.

2. For best results, turn your hot tools to the highest setting.

There are all different kinds of hair types that vary in texture, thickness and curl. This means that your hot tool should be set to a temperature that matches your hair type. The best method of going about this is to start using a hot tool at one of the lowest settings and increase the temperature slowly if needed. Be sure to invest in a good heat protectant to increase your chances of keeping your locks healthy and happy.

3. It’s better to have dirty hair before a color appointment.

This may be one of hairstylists’ most hated myths. Contrary to popular belief, dirty hair is not ideal for stylists, especially when it comes to color appointments. Dirt, oil, and product build up have the potential to disrupt the bond between the hair and the hair dye. Wash your hair either the day before or the day of your hair appointment. Apply and massage shampoo thoroughly onto your scalp, rinse and then shampoo again. We recommend shampooing 2-3 times  When applying conditioner, make sure to keep it mainly mid-shaft to ends of your hair. Let your stylist do the rest!

4. Dandruff = Dry Scalp

While dandruff and dry scalp are two common hair problems, the two are not always related. When it comes to dandruff, it is important to note that there is a difference between dandruff, flaky scalp, and product build up. Each scalp problem has a unique solution that varies between scalp treatments, cleansing shampoos, and nourishing hair masques. If you need help diagnosing your needs, head into a salon for help from our stylist’. Ask for a scalp analysis with our Capilliscope.

5. Growing your hair out means avoiding regular haircuts.

We’ve all met that individual who is growing out their hair and refuses to even look in the direction of a salon, but if you are looking to grow out your hair the best thing you can do for it is schedule regular hair trims. While this does not increase the rate at which your hair grows, it does mean that when your hair reaches your desired length you won’t have damaged ends. We recommend a trim every 12-14 weeks to keep the split ends at bay and keep your hair healthy while you continue to grow it out. Be sure to let your stylist know you are growing your hair so they can keep the trim on the conservative side.