Why You Should Be Trying Our Vitamin A Mid-Depth Superficial Peel

When a client decides to do one of our Mid-Depth Superficial Peels they always ask how much skin exfoliation will occur. For the past week, our own skin esthetician Marie has been trying out the specific Vitamin A peel, to show the peeling process and the bright, beautiful effects it gives afterwards!

What is a Mid-Depth Superficial Peel?

It’s a light superficial complexion peel that is effective at exfoliating, regenerating, and stimulating all different types of skin problems. These acids used in treatments range from Alpha Hydroxy & Beta Acids to TCA & Retinol.

How much exfoliation can I expect from a Superficial Peel?

This all depends on the skin type, but you can expect only 1-2 days of heavier sloughing. The skin will begin peeling in 2-3 days, and peeling can take place at anytime for the next 7 days. However, the skin does not always visibly peel, it may take a 2-3 treatments for this to happen. There are many other advantages from a skin peel.

What are the benefits from a Mid-Depth Superficial Peel?

Benefits includes more smoother and softer skin, a health glow, less oil, more moisture retention, refined pores, improved pigmentation, diminished fine lines, increased acne control, helps sun damage, and decreases dark spots. Your skin looks overall healthier, brighter, and even toned.

What is specific in a Vitamin A Mid-Depth Superficial Peel?

A Vitamin A peel helps in treating sun induced wrinkles and pigmentation associated to aging skin. It helps rapid cell turnover occur which results in smoother, silkier skin. It also helps with the overall circulation of oxygen supply to the skin and aids in strengthening blood vessels. It supports the regeneration of skin and the reversal of aging. You can expect mild to excessive flaking after a few days from application.

What are the at home care instructions I must follow after the treatment?

Avoid sun and heat exposure during sessions and wear SPF 30+ daily. We ask you to not wear make up or do anything to the skin for the two days following the treatment. Further instructions will be given.

We recorded Marie’s treatment throughout the 7 days, and here are her results. The Vitamin A Peel left her with glowing, healthier skin!

Day 1 (Before Peel):


Day 3 (Peeling occurs mainly focused around the forehead and underneath the eyes and chin)

day 2

Day 7 (full exfoliation completed):

final day

Before and After:

Skin is looking brighter and fresher. Dark spots are eliminated, more moisture retention in skin, and overall pigmentation is improved.


New Winter Weather Designed Facial

NEW- The Power Cleanse Pro-5 Exfoliant Restorative Mask with serums and moisturizers that includes both hand and arm massages.

IMG_3766_Fotor_CollageA New Year and everyone wants to look their best, but it can be hard to do with the winter weather taking it’s toll. Lack of humidity causes the skin to lose moisture rapidly, which leaves us with a dull appearance. Our winter facial is designed to rejuvenate the skin using key ingredients such as Acai extract and Black Currant Oil to restore hydration – leaving you looking and feeling refreshed! 

Bowie Spa offers a wide range of services, from Eyebrow Waxing’s to Brazilian’s. We find that waxing is a great alternative to shaving- leaving you with longer lasting results, smoother skin, less irritation, and less ingrown hairs. We are extremely conscious that the products we use on your skin, and seek to give you the happiest results. We use a high quality, low temperature strip wax by Satin Smooth, and the popular blue, strip-less hard wax by Cirepil. With our up to date techniques, we give you the smoothest, safest wax with little irritation.

For the best Brazilian wax, we use a hard wax for delicate areas. This allows the wax to stick to hair and not the skin, leaving a smooth finish and providing the most efficient service with the least pain possible.

When booking your next Waxing Appointment, remember these quick tips to allow for the best results:

  • Hair needs to be 1/4 inch long to be waxed
  • Certain antibiotics and prescriptions will affect waxing. Please inform us if you are using RetinA, Renova, or any other vitamin A derivatives. You may not wax if using Accutaine in the past six months.
  • For a successful wax avoid sun exposure to the area for 24 hours before and after your wax.
  • Please avoid working out or any activity that will increase your body temperature or induce sweating for 24-48 hours after your wax treatment.
  • It’s always advised, to inform your esthetician of any changes in your skin, so the proper precautions can be taken to preserve the integrity of your skin.
  • To prep the skin and for aftercare, take home one of our exfoliating cloths for your shower, to keep skin soft and prevent skin cell buildup for cleaner waxes.
  • We also offer, PFB, a roll-on to prevent and banish ingrown hairs/breakouts after waxing. Try our ChromaBright PFB, with an added lightener to lighten up dark spots from ingrown hairs.

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